Mindfully, launching in 2016, is an Online Gym for The Mind bringing you The World’s Best Meditation Trainers to help you Attain Peak Mental Performance through the effective practice of science based meditation.


Here’s what Mindfully can do for you

If you are New to Meditation

Mindfully brings you world class meditation trainers who will teach you specific meditation techniques based on your needs. Choose from dozens of different meditation courses and from hundreds of guided meditations.

  • Select from different difficulty levels
  • Take online classes from the world’s top meditation teachers.
  • Get access to hundreds of unique styles and methods.
  • Integrated with Mindvalley’s Omvana App,the world’s leading meditation app for iPhone and Android.
  • Online meditation trainer to pace and guide you.
  • Customizable tracks for hundreds of life situations.
  • Works elegantly on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

If you are Experienced at Meditation

If you’re an experienced meditator, take your practice further by getting access to world-class trainers, 100s of tracks and unique styles. The variety of techniques and advanced instructions here help you take your practice to a whole new level.

  • Select intermediate or advanced meditations.
  • Learning advanced techniques from world class experts.
  • Get access to hundreds of unique styles and methods so you keep learning and growing.
  • Integrated with Mindvalley’s Omvana App, the world’s leading meditation app for iPhoneand Android.
  • Customize tracks to create 1000s of different experiences.
  • Works elegantly on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Mindfully is hosted on Elula, the new learning technology developed by our engineers at Mindvalley

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Calling the World’s Top Meditation, Mindfulness and Mind Training Experts


We’re seeking the World’s Best Trainers to Teach on Mindfully

Mindvalley’s goal is to spread enlightened ideas to a billion people by the year 2050, and make a profound impact on the way people think, learn, work and grow.

We dream of changing the education system to go beyond traditional education, and into mastery of physical and mental pursuits like fitness, health, goal-setting, mindfulness, meditation and other practices that lead to an expansion of human potential.

If you have game-changing message to spread in the area of parenting, entrepreneurship, spiritual growth, self-development, and more, we welcome you to join us. Mindvalley reaches some 14 Million unique visitors via our web and apps. Our sites like MindvalleyAcademy.com and Omvana dominate their space as the leading online university for personal growth and the world’s leading meditation app respectively.

Mindfully is our newest venture and it’s designed to help take meditation mainstream into companies, schools and organizations. We’re currently seeking the World’s Top Meditation Experts to join our Mindfully Project.

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